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Have you seen the Artist Library subscription service and wondered exactly what it is, let us take a look at what you can do by subscribing!

The Artist Library contains all of our single painting Courses for a single monthly subscription, now this may not be immediately obvious what this means; but this provides Artists with a single place to browse through all of our single painting Courses available and pick what you want to paint, when ever you want.

All of our single painting Courses contain full written guides complimented with step by step images of the paintings creation, while also offering full audio video tutorials that you can follow and watch independently for all Courses. We aim to provide you with everything you might need within each individual painting Course using our Learning System called the Painting Hub.

Altogether this creates a Art Course video streaming service for Artists to learn to paint and use all of the additional resources to create beautiful paintings from anywhere you wish using our videos and guides online or by printing and following another time. All Courses have optional Assignments that allow you to submit images of your completed paintings and have our Art Tutor provide grading and feedback, your grade will then contribute towards the completion of each Course. 

The Artist Library comes with a 7 day free trial, this means if you are not happy within your first 7 days then you do not have to pay and can cancel your subscription anytime. We are confident you will enjoy our continuously growing service called the Artist Library, we wish you all the best on your learning journey and hope we can empower you to create beautiful art through the use of our videos and supporting resources. Happy Painting everyone!

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