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Let’s take a look at our Artist Certification Courses and see what you can learn and create through structured learning!

The Artist Certification Courses are carefully created to nurture and develop your abilities as an Artist. These typically contain multiple Study Topics, as well as in-depth Tutor feedback for all assignment activities required to be completed by Artists to unlock new areas.

The currently available Certification Course is our Masterclass Floral Oils – Beginners Course, this covers 7 different Study Topics and 5 Study Subjects. These have been created to develop and challenge your floral painting skills. This Course has been expertly put together by Artist Karen Underwood and will help you learn the basics and expert techniques required for creating beautiful floral style paintings.

The 7 Topics covered within this Course are:

Getting Started

Study 1 – White & Blue Daisy

Study 2 – Poppies

Study 3 – Hydrangea

Study 4 – Geraniums

Study 5 – Stargazer Lily

Study 6 – Final Study


We highly recommend this Course for anybody interested in learning to paint, a keen interest in flowers or anybody who wishes to learn to use traditional Oil paints. 

All Artist Certification Courses that we currently have available and plan to create in the future will have all the resources and guides you will need, audio-video tutorials for all paintings and assignment activities to submit your works of Art and have grading and in-depth feedback provided by your very own Artist Tutor!

We hope you have as much fun re-creating these beautiful pieces of Art as we have had creating them, until next time, happy painting everyone!

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