Course Previews Available!

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We have created Course Preview videos, these show clips from within our Course video tutorials with the speed increased.

The video previews show various different Courses that we offer and allows you to see how the paintings come together. We have taken great care in creating all of the resources provided to support learning within each and every Course we offer.

Take a look at the Course previews below, while you can also find them on our site within the relevant areas specific to the services we offer.

Artist Library Course Previews

The 5 previews below show different Courses currently available within the Artist Library subscription service. The Artist Library will continually grow and offer more for Artists every month!

Certification Course Previews

The only Certification Course currently available for purchase is the Floral Oils – Beginners. The Certification Courses have multiple Study Topics and within each are multiple paintings required to be completed. The previews below shows a single painting from each of the available Study Topics to give you an idea of what to expect.

We hope you have fun painting and look forward to providing more Courses for all Artists very soon. As usual we would like to wish you happy painting and look forward to seeing what you create soon!

JamesCourse Previews Available!

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