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Learn, Create & Be Inspired!

What is the Home Artist Academy?

The Home Artist Academy is dedicated to providing Art Workshop courses through the use of online learning, of which we aim to empower keen learners and current Artists to be able to be inspired anywhere when ever they choose.

We have combined over 20 years of eLearning technologies experience, over 10 years of Fine Art painting studies, as well as teaching and education knowledge to bring to you a platform that has everything you will need to be able to create vivid and beautiful pieces of Art within the comfort of your home, or wherever you enjoy to paint.

The courses we provide use video learning techniques to bring the Artist teaching experience to wherever you are, while also ensuring you have all the resources, guides and progression steps available to be able to learn, create and be inspired.

What is the Painting Hub?

We have created a powerful system that both Artist Library subscribers and Certification purchasers use, we call this the Painting Hub and all of our Courses are accessed through this area.

The Painting Hub has been designed to be easy to navigate and find which ever Course you wish to access, while also offering additional areas for all users.

Meet our Artist

Our Artist Karen Underwood has been working within the eLearning and Education sector for well over 10 years and has been studying Fine Art for almost as long.

These two seemingly unrelated skills came together over the course of a few years while Karen was teaching Art, the thought of creating a place where Artists could go to learn and share thoughts with others, while absolutely anywhere.

This thought ultimately created the Home Artist Academy, a place where Artists of all experience can take their time to study Art and being able to fit this around their busy lives.

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