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Artist Library Courses

The Artist Library area contains all of our single painting Courses, while also having access to our mini Skills & Techniques Course area. This area will continue to grow and as we create new Courses and become immediately available to all Artist Library subscribers.

 Currently we offer Oil painting Courses that cover a Floral style, although we will be adding new original paintings every month to the Artist Library and also expand what subjects we cover.

All Painting Courses within the Artist Library have Assignments that can be completed if you wish to have feedback and grading provided from a Tutor. This means all Artist Library Assignments are completely optional and up to you, this is because all Artist Library Courses are immediately available for any Artist Library Subscriber.

The Artist Library does not include any paintings used within the Certification Courses.

Artist Library Subscription

£ 14.99

Per Month / Cancel Anytime!

  • 7 Day Free Trial Available
  • 40+ Traditional Oil Courses
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Certification Courses

The Certification Courses contain multiple studies, these require Artists to work through and complete each Study to unlock the next.

Studies consist of several different paintings that cover a particular subject with multiple assignments. This means, Artists are required to complete all assignments within each Study area to unlock the next. All assignments are checked by a Tutor and feedback is provided to assist with your progress.

The Certification Courses offer priority marking and more detailed feedback to assist you with your progress as an Artist.

The Certification Courses are Premium content that require a separate purchase to access, these contain original paintings not found within the Artist Library.

Artist Certification Courses

£ 75.00

Per Course on Sale

  • Unlimited Access for Purchased Course
  • Floral Oil Beginners Course
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